In pursuant with Holy Trinity College of General Santos City’s Vision-Mission, the Research Center commits itself to the promotion of high quality and excellent scholarly work generated through research that will contribute to the development and betterment of society.

To efficiently realize its functions, the RC implements three research agendas. The implemented categories are:

1. Institutional Research Program. A collaboration of all the colleges that aims to promote and develop researches that will contribute to new knowledge and ideas which will help uplift the present condition of the community and the society.

2. Faculty Research Program. A program that enables the faculty members to enhance their research skills by providing assistance in their conduction of researches and experiments that conform with the highest ethical and scientific principles as well as comply with all laws, regulations, and rules governing research works.

3. Student Research Program. A program that encourages students to develop their interest, enthusiasm and inclination towards research. The research climate fosters development starting from a simple topic of interest that leads to a search of references in the library; data gathering, recording and analysis through basic statistical computations; and ultimately, application of common research techniques resulting to writing of a thesis.