CETE Programs

Department Objectives

The College of Engineering and Technology Education aims to prepare students to be competitive IT professional.

Specifically, students after completing the educational program, they are envisioned to have:

  • undergone training in abstract and analytic process;
  • acquired technical skills and be grounded in appropriate concepts and principles
  • sufficient exposure to relate the academic instruction to actual practices in the world of computers
  • developed personal and social values
  • the proper motivation for professional growth

Program Objectives - BSIT

The program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology has the following objectives:

1. To acquire theoretical knowledge, practical and technical skills, which will enable them to become advance in the field of information technology;

2. To possess the necessary foundation to continue their formal education and obtain advanced degrees in information technology or other related fields;

3. To obtain knowledge and skills that enable them to participate in life-long learning and to adapt to an ever-changing global technology and business environment; and

4. To gain a well-rounded education that enable them to be responsible professionals and global citizens who are aware of ethical issues, societal needs and problems.

Program Objectives - BSCS

The program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science has the following objectives:

1. To obtain a comprehensive knowledge of computer science and deep understanding of information and communication technology;

2. To be proficient in designing, developing and implementing computing solutions;

3. To acquire the needed theoretical and practical skills to be globally competitive; and

4. To become cultural sensitive, ethical responsible, socially conscious and morally upright citizens of the Philippines and the world.