HTC Enrolment Guidelines

CLICK HERE to view enrolment guidelines for Second Semester SY 2020-2021



    • As per the Executive Order 29 series 2020 of LGU Gensan, "Minors (children aged 18 and below), PWD, and those who are immuno-compromised (suffering from any illness) or with pre-existing co-morbidity cases including pregnant women shall not be allowed to go outside of their homes. Hence they will not also be allowed.

    • In observance of the social distancing, the school is implementing an online appointment system for payment, submission of requirements, and requesting of school records from the registrar. To set appointment schedule, you may click this link:

    • Present your confirmed appointment sent to you thru email and your TAPAT or CCTS QR Code at the guard before entering the campus.

    • Please observe the following while inside the campus:

      • a. Wearing of face mask and face shield at all times. No Face Mask NO Face Shield - No Entry shall be implemented at the gate.

      • b. Maintain a one (1) meter distance between you and others at all times.


    Requirements (New Students/Transferees):

    1. Report Card
    2. Good Moral Character Certificate
    3. Birth Certificate (PSA) / Marriage Certificate for married
    4. 3pcs 2x2 latest colored picture
    5. Certificate of Completion (Grade 10 only)

      Additional Requirements for Transferees:

      1. Honorable Dismissal / Certificate of Transfer Credentials
      2. Transcript of Records

    Steps in online enrolment:

    1. Students will register thru the given online registration link below.
    2. The department where you belong will evaluate your student’s enrolment.
    3. A confirmation call from the HTC Enrolment Officer will be expected by you before you process your payment.
    4. You will now process payment (read payment guidelines found on this page).
    5. Finance Office will confirm payment thru your email address or contact number.
    6. The department where you belong will process and approve student’s enrolment.
    7. Copy of student official registration and total fees will be sent thru email.
    8. Student must acknowledge the registration form upon receipt.
    9. Registration is done.

    Schedule of Enrolment (SY 2020-2021):


    New Students January 4 – 30, 2021
    Old Students January 20 – 30, 2021
    Start of Classes: January 30, 2021

    COLLEGE DEPARTMENT (2nd SEM 2020-2021)

    New Students , Transferees and First Year December 7 – January 18, 2021
    Fourth Year ( Regular ) January 4 – 6, 2021
    Third year ( Regular) January 7 – 9 & 11, 2021
    Second year ( Regular) January 12 – 15, 2021
    Start of Classes: January 18, 2021

    How to register:

    To register, please click the given link below.
    (Please follow your schedule of enrolment.)


    Mode of Delivery: Flexible/Blended (Online, Modular, and Face to Face)

    Initial Registration Fees: (SY 2020-2021):

    1. No ENTRANCE EXAMINATION for new students in all levels for SY 2020-2021.
    2. HTC Senior High School Graduates who will enroll in the College will be given 20% tuition fee discount
    3. HTC College Alumni who will enroll in Graduate School will be given 10% discount

    Note: Minimum amount is applicable to enrollees with no unsettled accounts.

    College (New/Transferees) P 1,000.00
    Elementary(Old Pupils) P 1,000.00
    College (Old Students) P 1,000.00 for students with no old account
    College (TES, EduKar, CHED Full Merit & Other LGU/Government Scholarships) Registration fee is not required
    College (Tulong Dunong) P 500.00
    College (Full Scholars and 100% Free Tuition Fee Scholars No registration fee is required provided that the student has no unsettled
    Graduate School (New/Transferees) P 2,000.00
    Graduate School (Old) P 1,500.00

    You may settle your payments to the following options:

    • HTC Finance Office Main*, set an appointment upon your visit.
      See A. #2 on this link

      *Satellite Cashier Area are also available at:
      -Elementary Bldg.
      -High School Bldg.

    • BANKS

      Pen Bank #100-001346-70
      China Bank #158002000418
      Security Bank # 0411018625001
      PNB # 4055-70001013

      In the payment slip write: Holy Trinity College as the payee

      Where to send bank payment slip?

      1. Write the following on the validated payment slip:
        • name of student
        • course/year
        • contact number
        • student ID number (for NEW, write NEW STUDENT instead)
        • purpose of payment (e.g. for old account, or for SY:2020-2021 enrollment)
        * Old accounts must be settled first before enrollment

      2. Take a photo of the validated payment slip and send via messenger to HTCGensan Finance Department

      Send payment to Holy Trinity College of General Santos City

      Where to send transaction slip from remittance centers?

      1. Write the following on the validated transaction slip:
        • name of student
        • course/year
        • contact number
        • student ID number (for NEW, write NEW STUDENT instead)
        • purpose of payment (for old account, or for SY:2020-2021 enrollment)
        * Old accounts must be settled first before enrollment

      2. Type and message to us the following:
        • name of the sender
        • contact number, and
        • transaction code/KPTN

      3. Take a photo of the validated transaction slip and send via messenger to HTCGensan Finance Department.

    == ==
    Note: For banks and remittance centers transactions, as soon as you have received a message containing an OPVS#, your payment is already subject for VERIFICATION. Please wait for 1-2 working days and a photo of an OFFICIAL RECEIPT will be sent back to you for CONFIRMATION and acknowledgement of your payment. Original copy of O.R. will be available at the Finance Office.


    For inquiries, you may reach the following contact numbers:

    DepartmentTelephone NumberCellphone Number
    Elementary 552-5578 local 223 0967-7105969
    High School 552-5578 local 210 0951-2509985
    College of Business Management & Accountancy 552-5578 local 217  
    College of Teacher Education 552-5578 local 237  
    College of Engineering & Technology Education 552-5578 local 230 09517909928
    College of Criminal Justice Education 552-5578 local 211  
    College of Arts & Sciences 552-5578 local 218 0905-0458852
    Graduate Studies MAED 552-5576 local 235 0951-7907231
    MSCRIM 552-5576 local 211 0998-3626336
    College Registrar 552-5578 local 200 0946-4685439

    Monday - Friday
    (8:00am - 12:00pm) - (1:00pm-4:30pm)

    (8:00am - 12:00pm)

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